ICCSD Summer 2017

As usual when I don’t write in this blog for awhile and then do, events are upon us.  I’m writing this post so I can pretend like I’ve caught everything up here and can just write about what’s going on from this point forward, But, disclaimer: there are important issues that I won’t even touch on here.

There is an upcoming school board election on September 12th.  4 open seats: 3 for 4-year terms and one for a two year term to replace Director LaTasha DeLoach, who resigned for health reasons recently. The 3 Directors whose terms ended are Brian Kirschling, Chris Liebig, and Chris Lynch. None are running for reelection.

The district is also trying to pass General Obligation Bond to fund the last half of the Facilities Master Plan. Projects include one new elementary and renovations or expansions of 11 elementary schools, 2 Junior Highs, and 3 High Schools.  I’m strongly in favor of this, I think it’s important, and I hope you’ll vote for it.  I’ll be writing a lot about this in the coming weeks. Michael Tilley has an excellent series on the bond in 4 parts: Background on the ICCSD GO Bond, What if the Bond Passes? What if the Bond Doesn’t Pass? and Pass the Bond. Please go read those.

There are candidates for all of the open seats.  J.P. Claussen, Janet Godwin, Ruthina Malone, and Shawn Eyestone are all running for 4 year seats.  Charlie Eastham is running for the 2 year seat. Laura Westemeyer, the only candidate not in support of the GO Bond, has been gathering signatures for both.  I’m not certain which she is running for.

Here’s the One Community, One Bond page.  Here’s the District overview of the bond. Here’s a timeline of Facilities Master Plan projects both before and on the bond.  Here’s an overview of the Facilities Master Plan.  there’s a small but vocal group working against the bond. I’m concerned about pervasive misinformation in their public materials, so I’ll mainly be linking to them for illustration and argument.

More soon.


Author: Eric D. Johnson

I do American Studies (PhD University of Iowa 2012) scholarship, including but not limited to: Race and Genre in American Popular Music, Critical Southern Studies, and African American Memory and History in the Ozarks. I also write about educational policy and politics, focusing on integration and desegregation and the intersection of school and housing policies.

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