Vote for Bruce, and other quick points

As is often the case, I’m coming back to this page after a long hiatus, with any number of relevant items circulating.  Here’s a quick roundup and preview of what I’ll be trying to write more about here soon.

  1. Vote for Bruce Teague:  In the Iowa City special election to replace Kingsley Botchaway on the City Council, I hope people will respond to Bruce Teague’s call to bring every voice to the table.  Bruce offers an inspiring vision of inclusion and pragmatism.  I think he’ll make Iowa City a better place.
  2. Even if I didn’t prefer Bruce, I wouldn’t vote for his opponent, Ann Freerks.  Ann played a central role in the events that led to the very first post on this blog.  She helped copy and distribute a flyer among her fellow residents of the Longfellow neighborhood urging them to fight the ICCSD Diversity Policy.  A couple of months later, as chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission, she drafted (or had staffers draft) a policy that would have charged the city with asking the District to alter the policy in such a way that the impact on her neighborhood would have been minimal.  Two members of the P&Z who didn’t see the final policy wrote objections, as did Jim Throgmorton, then councilor and now mayor.
  3. But, the election is today, so I’m not going to end up writing anything that changes anything here.  But I do want to revisit all of this in more detail no matter who wins, because…
  4. Interestingly enough, the District is once again looking at trying to change the deeply segregated state of our elementary schools.  I’m going to write much more about that soon.  The ideas on the table include pairing Twain and Longfellow, making my issues with Ann Freerks even more relevant.
  5. Oh, also, ICCSD Director Phil Hemingway is running on the Republican ticket for County Supervisor.  There are more reasons not to vote for Phil than I can even begin to list here, so I’ll just stop for now and say: Don’t vote for Phil Hemingway!

Author: Eric D. Johnson

I do American Studies (PhD University of Iowa 2012) scholarship, including but not limited to: Race and Genre in American Popular Music, Critical Southern Studies, and African American Memory and History in the Ozarks. I also write about educational policy and politics, focusing on integration and desegregation and the intersection of school and housing policies.

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